Orientation between school and academic studies

International eurythmy stage project for young people

Experience with youth eurythmy projects has shown that there are young people who would like greater in-depth knowledge of the field of eurythmy and anthroposophy, but would not like to complete a four-year course of study. Especially during the vocational orientation phase, the international eurythmy project of YEP! Young Eurythmy Performance offers young people between the time they leave school and start academic studies both the time and space to decide in favour of their own chosen path.

YEP! offers young people from around the world – aged from 18 and 24 – the opportunity to take part in a eurythmy performance. The young people are overseen by experienced artists and actively incorporated into the planning, design and implementation of the costume production process, the design of the lighting and in the tour planning details. An intensive four-month trial and rehearsal phase culminates in a major tour of German-speaking areas and Prague. The programmes that have been prepared are presented to schools, at festivals and evening performances.

Taking part in YEP! can last but not least be a time of orientation and challenge for the participants, during which they can find out together with their peers what they want to achieve in life. During the trial phase the young people devote their attention intensively to youth anthroposophy, choreography, music and painting. In addition, they can participate in workshops on various topics and attend high-quality presentations by top guest lecturers as part of the themed weeks. The artistic processes in which the participants cooperate with the artists who support them enable the acquisition of key qualifications such as creativity, the training of presence of mind, the ability to work in a team and perseverance, which are fundamental to any work situation.


Artistic Director: Sonnhild Gädeke-Mothes and Aurel Mothes Sonnhild

Gädeke-Mothes and Aurel Mothes have known each other since they studied together under Else Klink at the Eurythmeum in Stuttgart. Even during their studies they resolved to work together.

Both of them were members of the Else-Klink Ensemble for quite a few years. They took part in extensive tours to the United States, Russia and Siberia and around Europe. At the same time they worked in the field of training and held advanced training courses. This was followed by extensive independent project work, with artists from various fields: eurythmy in a dialogue with painting, drama and music.

Parallel to their artistic work on stage, they both worked in the educational field. In the last twenty years they have carried out large symphonic youth eurythmy projects with various orchestras.