Combating acacia without toxins

Biodynamic agriculture in Argentina

The La Choza farm is located about 75 kilometres from the Argentinian capital Buenos Aires and uses biodynamic agriculture. When managing the fields, the farm community has to combat the massive spread of acacia saplings. 

Like other Argentine provinces, the entire province of Buenos Aires is badly affected by high rates of reproduction of acacia saplings on pasture and arable land. This pest is often combated with the use of toxins. This is not the case on the La Choza farm: when a large section of the tree bark, the so-called "rings", is removed, the trees gradually die off. However, the roots of the tree have to be completely removed from the ground in order to prevent the plant from spreading again. To this purpose, the farm community was able to buy a used tractor thanks to the support provided by the MAHLE FOUNDATION. In addition, the Foundation made funds available for the construction of a model cheese-making facility that has made the farm financially viable.


What projects are yet to be implemented on the La Choza farm?

The productive working areas of La Choza are divided up into the areas of horticulture, dairy farming, milk processing and a tree nursery for native plants. These products are currently supplied to some of the shops, organic markets and private customers in the Buenos Aires metropolitan area. In addition, La Choza offers pupils the opportunity to experience country life in the form of educational activities.