Seminar on Waldorf education

Waldorf education in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States

"Periodic Seminar" has been offering advanced teacher training courses since 1992 on the subject of Waldorf education, especially in Russia, but also in Ukraine and the Baltic States, supporting schools in their development and assisting them in the case of difficulties and during times of crisis. The aim of the advanced training course is to teach the basics of Waldorf education and practise the professional skills of the teachers.

Seminar on the subject of Waldorf education

 "Periodic Seminar" consists of a four-year foundation course, which can be combined with shorter advanced courses at the weekend. The seminars are usually attended by more than 100 teachers from Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States. hey are held at the Waldorf School in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Since 2013 a weekend course has also been available specifically for parents and participants who are interested in child development and education. The seminar deals with the topic of "How can I understand my child?". Thanks to the seminars held by "Periodic Seminar", the first Waldorf schools have been established in Russia.


"Periodic Seminar"

"Periodic Seminar" is a non-profit educational institution in Russia that has been organising advanced training courses for teachers since 1992 on the subject of Waldorf education. "Periodic Seminar" has already trained Waldorf teachers from more than 25 schools in Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic States. Since 2010 the organisation and management of the facility has been exclusively in Russian hands. Most participants teach at various Waldorf Schools in Russia. This means that "Periodic Seminar" is always informed on the current educational situation, both generally and on specific matters of Waldorf education.


Since 1993 the MAHLE FOUNDATION has been funding the "Periodic Seminar" project. The money provided by the Foundation make it possible to invite lecturers from the field of Waldorf education from all around the world. The participants can also be supported by an allowance for their travel costs.