The Filder Clinic

Qualitative growth through innovation

In the Federal Republic of Germany there are three large clinics that provide acute care for Anthroposophic Medicine. One of them, the central funding project of the MAHLE FOUNDATION, is located in southern Germany near Stuttgart: the Filder Clinic in Filderstadt-Bonlanden. Idyllically situated in a conservation area on the edge of the Schönbuch, the open and welcoming atmosphere of the Filder Clinic is an example of what active and sustainable donations can bring about. As not only a shareholder, but also the largest sponsor, the MAHLE FOUNDATION played a decisive role in supporting the construction of the clinic and is permanently committed to its expansion and modernisation. Today the Filder Clinic is a modern hospital for acute and holistic medicine – a health-promoting competence centre which is well known far beyond the region.

Rising case numbers, the best marks from patients, a record number of childbirths, specialist departments working flat out that are in demand both regionally and nationally and in the black on the balance sheet – these are the sober facts that prove: the Filder Clinic is growing and becoming increasingly popular. Anyone who comes here as a patient appreciates the calm atmosphere and the well-maintained feel-good ambience of the clinic. Even more the that: acute medicine combined with complementary proven therapies is the reason why the clinic stands out across all of its departments. In the meantime the Filder Clinic has been certified according to KTQ and therefore stands for excellent cooperation, transparency and quality in the health service.

Gynaecology is one of the specialist departments which enjoy an excellent reputation in the field of obstetrics beyond the region where the clinic is located. For example, in 2013 the number of newborn babies increased again at the Filder Clinic, from 1,683 to 1,894 births. Therefore, the Filder Clinic is among the top 10 maternity hospitals in the state of Baden-Württemberg. A further – and new – clinical focus is the "Centre for Integrative Oncology", a haemato-oncological specialist department where diagnosis and treatment are carried out in accordance with the latest international standards. Moreover, since 2012 the Municipal Clinical Centre in Esslingen, the District Clinics and the Filder Clinic form the Esslingen Oncological Centre. The Department of Internal Medicine, which already had a wide range of services at its disposal, was able to establish together with Visceral Surgery an important focal point of the Filder Clinic with new innovative techniques and methods in the field of gastroenterology. This is currently being expanded into a certified Intestine Centre.

The hallmark of the Filder Clinic is its unmistakable profile, which guarantees individual, holistic medicine and is characterised by its closeness to the patient. In a health care system that is subject to enormous change, the Filder Clinic wants to set clear priorities with its particular strengths and qualities and continue to position itself with a form of medicine that emphatically and holistically places the individual at its centre.