Birth-to-three-years project

Workshop on early childhood upbringing and education

The first three years in the life of a child are considered to be a very formative phase and have a strong impact on its physical, social and intellectual skills. Nevertheless, many of these children grow up in poor living conditions. Often the parents have to work all day and cannot take care of the child's upbringing. The Centre for Creative Education (CCE) in South Africa is currently working on a workshop on early childhood upbringing and education.

The Centre for Creative Education (CEE) in Cape Town, South Africa, trains schoolteachers and kindergarten teachers from the perspective of Waldorf education. Here the students are introduced to the subject of early childhood education and authorised to work as a primary school teacher, for example.

Now the CCE would like to develop a workshop format that communicates to parents and legal guardians the correct way to deal with children up to the age of three years. The basic requirements of many babies are currently satisfied (they are fed and have their nappies changed) without any real perception of what else babies and toddlers really need. In South Africa many babies are looked after by grandparents and the community. This new course is also directed at them. The intention is that participants in the "Birth-to-three-years project" should learn the importance of physical closeness, communication and proper nutrition for the development of children. Because only a child who has undergone a healthy development can continue to develop subsequently at school and lead a decent, independent life as an adult. During home visits following the course, the participants are provided with local support on how to implement what they have learned.

The courses are held directly in numerous townships of Cape Town. This enables those who cannot afford to travel to the CCE college campus to participate.


What are the funds of the MAHLE FOUNDATION used for?

The funds of the MAHLE FOUNDATION are used to develop and implement the format of the "Birth-to-three-years project" course: the fee for the workshop leaders, travel expenses for home visits and on-site mentoring, as well as drawing up the curriculum, are financed with the help of support from the MAHLE FOUNDATION.

The Centre for Creative Education (CCE)

The Centre for Creative Education (CCE) trains Waldorf schoolteachers and kindergarten teachers. Founded in 1993, it was initially responsible for supporting the schools and teachers in the different municipalities. Kindergarten and primary school teachers have also been trained at the CCE since 1996, where they also been able to complete eurythmy training since 1998.

What is planned for the future?

In addition to childcare, the optimal care of the parents also plays an important role. In therapeutic and educational seminars, parents are to receive support in the future with processing the experiences of their own childhood so that they can devote more attention to looking after their own children and experience less stress while doing so.