Basic principles, specialist texts and therapy forms of anthroposophic medicine

A specialist online portal for Anthroposophic Medicine

Anthromedics is an online portal for anthroposophic medicine in German and English which provides articles on anthroposophic medicine for doctors, nurses and therapists in doctors' surgeries, clinics and during training. The project of the Society of Anthroposophic Physicians in Germany (GAÄD) was launched in 2011 and is designed to last several years. As a specialist online portal, Anthromedics intends to provide users with access to specialised texts relating to anthroposophic medicine.

With Anthromedics the results from science, research and current medical, therapeutic and nursing practice can be made available online. The portal enables users to carry out a fast, professional and targeted search. The online availability of professional content from the field of anthroposophic medicine makes a significant contribution towards strengthening the public perception of this form of complementary medicine and providing information not only for doctors, therapists and nurses, but also for patients. Due to its international orientation, the portal enables the global networking of anthroposophic doctors and medical associations.

Anthromedics is divided up into the areas of "Digital Archive" and "Digital Textbook". The "Digital Archive" provides access to documents which up to now have only been available in a printed edition. With the launch of the portal, the "Merkurstab" magazine will initially be made available online. This means that subscribers will be able to access every issue of the magazine from 1946 on in digital form, including the latest version in each case, with a full-text search. The digital archive will be expanded in the future by further monographs, magazines and anthologies. The "Digital Textbook" provides systematic access to anthroposophic medical texts on special medical fields, underlying principles and therapies. Introductory texts to relevant clinical pictures provide an insight into an understanding of the disease, drug therapy and clinical intervention, non-drug treatment options and an evaluation. 


Die Gesellschaft Anthroposophischer Ärzte e.V. (Society of Anthroposophical Doctors)(GAÄD)

The Society of Anthroposophical Doctors in Germany (GAÄD) was founded in 1953 and is the only medical-scientific society in Germany that specialises in Anthroposophic Medicine. The focus of its work is the field of science and research on the one hand, especially basic medical research, and the development of new diagnostic, therapeutic and pharmaceutical methods in the field of Anthroposophic Medicine. The second focal point is the standard, advanced and further training of doctors, dentists, veterinarians, pharmaceutical chemists and health professionals, as well as the provision of support to students.

GAÄD also publishes the "Merkurstab/Caduceus" magazine, the only specialist journal in German for Anthroposophic Medicine. Six editions are published every year with fundamental portrayals of Anthroposophic Medicine, as well as scientific studies on the efficacy of anthroposophic medicines and therapeutic concepts. In addition to case descriptions not only from medical practice, but also from the fields of art therapy, kinesitherapy, speech therapy and nursing, the "Caduceus" also contains the latest reports from science and research, as well as conference reports and reviews. The "Vademecum Anthroposophische Arzneimittel" ("Handbook of Anthroposophical Remedies"), the only comprehensive and systematically edited reference work on anthroposophic remedies (in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish), is also published by the GAÄD.

What phases has the project already reached?

The project started with initial conceptual considerations and a broad-based international survey directed at numerous doctors in November 2011 in order to determine the need for online information on Anthroposophic Medicine. An initiative group was established, which currently consists of eleven members and meets twice a year. A smaller "core group" consults on current issues at least once a month. From March 2012 on, the project draft was worked through at a series of meetings of the initiative group. In September 2012 the revised concept was presented at the annual conference of the Medical Section and also discussed with doctors from the English-speaking world.

At the beginning of 2013 an internal Technology/Conceptual Design project group began with the technical implementation. Since then a detailed technical concept has been drawn up, the portal programmed and set up, a modern web design drafted and implemented.

Since 2011, translations of editorially selected "Merkurstab" articles have been translated continually into English as part of a subproject, and subsequently also into Spanish.

What are the funds of the MAHLE FOUNDATION specifically used for?

The funds of the MAHLE FOUNDATION have so far been used for the digitisation of the "Merkurstab" magazine, the programming of the website for the launch, the draft and implementation of the web design, the translation of articles into English and for the financing of editorial work and project management. This made it possible for Anthromedics to be created within a period of two years in spite of the comparatively small number of staff members available.

How long has the MAHLE FOUNDATION been funding the project and what else is planned?

The MAHLE FOUNDATION has been funding the project since 2011. The next project step is the programming of rights and user management and the implementation of an interface with the "Merkurstab" subscription management section of the GAÄD commercial system. After the subsequent launch of the portal, the next steps will be as follows:

  • technical preparation of the existing English translations for entry in the portal,
  • integration of the German and English-language "Vademecum Anthroposophische Arzneimittel" and linking with the contents of the "Digital Textbook",
  • implementation of selected texts of the American website AnthroMedLibrary,
  • integration of the texts on Anthroposophic Drug Therapy (DAV),
  • continuous filling of the "Digital Textbook" with introductory texts.