Dialogical Exchange and Mutual Stimulation

Research, teaching and science in anthroposophic

The Academy of Anthroposophic Medicine of the Anthroposophic Medical Society in Germany (GAÄD) serves the purposes of research, teaching and science in the field of Anthroposophic Medicine, pooling the entire field of education and training within the GAÄD. The underlying principles of education and training are a dialogical exchange between teachers and students, as well as mutual stimulation for further development. Education and training take into account the aspects of knowledge, skill training, attitude and ability to act in practice.

In 2014 the Academy executed numerous projects for the further development of science, knowledge and teaching in Anthroposophic Medicine. The largest and most innovative format was the "Children's Health Today" congress organised by the Academy in collaboration with the Umbrella Organisation for Anthroposophic Medicine in Germany (DAMiD). At the interdisciplinary paediatrics congress, around 500 doctors, therapists, teachers and parents discussed what children today need to grow up healthy. This congress is presented separately as one of the funding projects of the MAHLE FOUNDATION [Link: mahle.ansichtssache.de/foerderprojekte/kindergesundheit/?projects=37&order=asc&sort=title]

At the autumn meeting with more than 150 doctors, the Academy devotes itself to current issues and research topics in the field of Anthroposophic Medicine. Here the focus is on the variety of research paths, clinical research results, key issues of humanity in medicine and ways to deepen spirituality. The aim of the event is the mutual awareness and cooperation of clinical doctors and practitioners with research and teaching and at the same time the bridging of the gap between the younger and older generation. The close contacts between clinical, medical practice and nursing therapy work and research are intended to make the learning process attractive and awaken and promote interest in research.

Furthermore, the Academy organises the annual Academy Day, as well as seminars, courses and lectures on education and training in Anthroposophic Medicine.