Annual Report & History

One goal of our funding activities as a foundation is to support projects and plans that take unconventional and perhaps unexpected paths and show new perspectives on how we humans can shape our world today and tomorrow.

Every year, we shed light on some of these topics in our annual report, which we would like to present to you – freshly published.

Please contact us, if you are interested in a printed copy:

Our Annual Reports as well as the History of the MAHLE Foudation as a PDF for download. 









On the occasion of the fifty-year anniversary of the MAHLE FOUNDATION, we have compiled a chronicle that offers you an insight into the founding history of the MAHLE FOUNDATION, the intention of the founders and, presents the funding areas and focal points of the foundation in its 50-year activity.  


Older Annual Reports available in English






Annual Reports 2005 - 2022 are available in German - CLICK HERE