THE MAHLE GROUP: One of the world's leading automotive suppliers

The work of the MAHLE FOUNDATION is made possible by the economic success of the MAHLE Group, whose founders Hermann and Dr. Ernst Mahle transferred their company shares in 1964 to the non-profit Foundation. Since then, the combination of economic success and social responsibility has shaped the work of the Group and Foundation.

Today, the MAHLE Group is the world's leading manufacturer of components and systems for the combustion engine and its peripherals, as well as vehicle air conditioning and engine cooling. MAHLE has approximately 66,000 employees at over 150 locations. In 2014 the Group achieved a total turnover of 10 billion euros.

The Group took its beginnings in 1920 when Hermann Mahle joined the company "Versuchsbau Hellmuth Hirth" in Stuttgart. Two years later Ernst Mahle also joined the business, and another ten years later the brothers finally became the sole shareholders of the company. In 1938 they renamed the company MAHLE KG and introduced the logo which is still used today as the company sign. In the following years the company grew steadily thanks to numerous technical innovations.

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