The foundation

Each year the MAHLE FOUNDATION supports approximately 150 projects worldwide. In doing so, it works in accordance with the central idea of "Donate today - with the vision for tomorrow": The aim is to enable a better future by supporting innovative projects.

In line with the anthroposophical thinking and actions of its founders, the leitmotifs which form the basis of all of the Foundation's work are appreciation of and responsibility towards other people, the environment and nature.

In 1964 Hermann and Dr. Ernst Mahle transferred their personal assets in the three MAHLE companies to the non-profit MAHLE FOUNDATION. Since that time, the Foundation has held almost all of the shares in today's MAHLE GmbH, one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world. In the same manner as the two Mahle brothers combined entrepreneurial success with social responsibility through the transfer of their shares, the MAHLE FOUNDATION still promotes projects and initiatives today which contribute towards social progress with the revenues generated by the corporate group.

One of the aims of the Foundation as specified by its statutes is in particular its commitment to the areas of health and nursing care, agriculture and food, education and upbringing, as well as the arts and culture. In most cases the Foundation provides start-up financing, but in certain cases also subsidises longer-term projects. For example, one key project has been – and still is – the establishment and subsidising of the Filder Clinic in Filderstadt-Bonlanden near Stuttgart.

In particular, initiatives of certain facilities are supported that operate on the basis of anthroposophy. Today the MAHLE FOUNDATION still considers itself committed to the rationale of its founders, according to which Rudolf Steiner, the founder of anthroposophy, highlighted a variety of proposals with his life's work which signify fundamental and positive cultural and social renewal for many areas of life.

 "Donating for the common good" in a globalised world

In a globalised world, the commitment to "donating for the common good" gives rise to new challenges. Here, the MAHLE FOUNDATION is faced with new tasks on the international stage in conjunction with the objectives of the Foundation. Associated with the globally active MAHLE Group, the MAHLE FOUNDATION is increasingly committed to its international locations, such as those in Brazil, Poland, Japan and Romania.