Baroque Orchestra plays together with school classes

Only a few young people have ever attended a classical concert. The Stuttgart baroque orchestra Il Gusto Barocco has therefore developed a new approach to the teaching of music.

With selected pieces of music that are practised together, the pupils are integrated into the special work of the baroque orchestra and perform in a matinee together with the musicians. This direct artistic experience is intended to enthuse young people for classical music.

The pilot project was carried out in 2013 under the working title of "The Messiah is coming to school". Excerpts from Handel's "Messiah" were rehearsed and performed during a matinee in the Stuttgart Liederhalle. In 2014 the project involved parts of Bach's "St. John Passion", whereas in 2015 the professionals and pupils are working on Vivaldi's opera "Griselda".

During prior visits to classes and joint rehearsal phases, the pupils are practically involved in the professional work of the baroque orchestra. The musical content is neither reduced nor simplified. This shared experience of rehearsal and concert is intended to generate an enthusiasm for concerts and classical music and introduce pupils to the formative cultural history of our society. In addition to participation in the music, the pupils can also become involved in the presentation of the concert or the artistic design of posters and flyers.

The preservation of classical music as an important cultural heritage is also a major concern of the baroque orchestra. The aim of this project is to revive and reinterpret the often-forgotten musical culture and language of the baroque era in particular. As a free orchestra, Il Gusto Barocco would like to try out and further develop new concepts and models in the teaching of music.