The MAHLE FOUNDATION and anthroposophy

Appreciation and a sense of responsibility towards people, the environment and nature - these leitmotifs of anthroposophical thinking and action also represent the basis for the work of the MAHLE FOUNDATION. The aim is to further the implementation of forward-looking new ideas and projects in order to achieve sustainable social progress.

If one takes a look at the development of our society towards greater sustainability and social responsibility, one quickly becomes aware of the importance of people and organisations that have been inspired by anthroposophy. Especially in the fields of medicine, the environment and education, but also certain sectors of the economy and corporate management, the mindset has changed enormously in the last few decades. In many cases, companies and initiatives associated with anthroposophic ideas were to be found at the start of certain developments, such as the Demeter movement, which came into being in the 1920s and which is considered to be the first initiative for organic agriculture. Since then, the Demeter brand has stood for biodynamically produced foods and is considered in times of non-transparent food production to be a trustworthy and reliable seal of approval. In the medical field, anthroposophical clinics, hospitals and sanatoriums have been created which are exceptionally highly appreciated by patients and without which it is no longer possible to imagine the medical landscape. The same applies to the large number of Waldorf schools and orthopaedagogical institutions worldwide which have been created on the basis of anthroposophical impulses. The MAHLE FOUNDATION has been committed to all of these fields since its foundation.

Successful anthroposophically inspired projects in the world of business

Examples of successful anthroposophically inspired projects in the world of business are the companies Weleda and Wala/Dr. Hauschka, which were founded more than 80 years ago initially for the manufacture of natural health products. Today, Weleda and Wala/Dr.Hauschka are among the best known and probably the most popular brands of natural cosmetics and natural care products in Germany, generating an annual turnover totalling more than €400 million if the pharmaceutical product lines are included. With his dm drugstore chain, the anthroposophist Götz Werner played a pioneering role in terms of responsible and sustainable corporate management. He shows by example how personnel management based on appreciation and the assumption of social responsibility leads to economic success.

The creation of the MAHLE FOUNDATION is also attributable to the mindset and lifestyle of its two founders, which were inspired by anthroposophy. Following tradition – and convinced of the effectiveness of the principles set out at the beginning – the MAHLE FOUNDATION predominantly supports anthroposophically inspired projects and initiatives with the aim of contributing to social progress.