Commitment to good educational opportunities worldwide

The WOW Day - Waldorf One World, a project of Freunde der Erziehungskunst Rudolf Steiners e.V. ("Friends of Rudolf Steiner Education Association"), is now a world-wide campaign of the Waldorf schools. On this day, Waldorf pupils from around the world become involved with fundraising activities to support Waldorf initiatives. Here, the pupils' creativity knows no bounds.

The WOW Day has been held annually since 2009. Globally, more than two hundred schools from 35 countries now take part. With various activities such as theatre and music performances, the sale of home-made items or sponsored runs for a good cause, Waldorf pupils collect donations to support Waldorf initiatives. Every Waldorf school plans and organises its own activities for the WOW Day. Together they have raised over three million euros in this way since 1994.

The aim of the project on the one hand is to raise funds for the development of Waldorf education and thereby provide disadvantaged children with access to holistic education. On the other hand the campaigns arouse in the children and young people an awareness of the social relationships in the world. From a pedagogically sound impulse, children are therefore supposed to develop a commitment to disadvantaged children.